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Woodlot for Windows 4.1 Update


Woodlot for Windows (Woodlot) is timber supply software used on woodlots and small woodlands in BC. An update was completed in March 2014, to Version 4.1, to provide efficiency enhancements. No changes were made to methodology or modelling. Updates are summarised in the "What's New?" pdf document below.

Update Instructions and Link

Woodlot 4.1 requires Woodlot 4.0 to be already installed on your computer - if you do not have Woodlot 4.0 please install a copy from the Ministry woodlot website (see next section).

To update to Woodlot 4.1, click on the following link to download a zip file to your computer. This includes two files that need to be unzipped and copied in to your Woodlot 4.0 folder. You may need to have administrator privilages to update these files.

Note: By default Woodlot 4.0 should be located in the 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Woodlot for Windows 4/Woodlot' folder. Before copying these files, make sure Woodlot 4 is NOT running. On newer systems you may need to copy the files to another location on the c drive (such as the desktop) before copying them to the program files folder.

Woodlot for Windows 4.0

Woodlot for Windows software is available from the following links:

Last Updated: July 29, 2014