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Waste & Residue

Logging Waste and Residue Survey software for BC

Designed for Waste and Residue Surveyors, Forest Industry, Ministry staff and private landowners.

  • For your handheld data collector, laptop and Personal Computer
  • User friendly and simple data entry
  • Easy electronic transfer to MOF Waste System
  • Volume and stumpage compilations on the fly
  • Crown timber and Private timber modules

Click here for information on Enfor Waste and Residue software, or call 604 984-0832.

Developed and tested with industry and Ministry professionals, Enfor Waste provides a much needed long-term business solution for logging waste and residue survey data collection, compilations, reports and electronic submissions to government in British Columbia.

Software Features

Key Features of Enfor Waste include:

  • User-friendly
  • Complete logging residue and waste data collection system
  • Collects all field data for FS161 and FS444
  • Merge multiple surveyor block data
  • User adjustable screen format to suit your needs
  • Create MOF format XML file for uploading to the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Waste System
  • Report for volume and stumpage
  • Piece Report
  • Error checking as you work - See below
  • On-the-fly compilations
  • All features available on handheld and PC
  • Pre-programmed with all MOF codes
  • Replaces old Fox Pro, Residue & Waste System 2.70 (RWS)
  • Interior and Coastal BC
  • Private land module available

Error Checking Features

Helping to save you time and money! Checks your data for completeness before you leave the field! Some error checking features include:

  • Incomplete piece data
    • Missing Species
    • Missing Waste Kind (log/stump/waste..)
    • Missing Waste Class (avoidable/unavoidable)
    • Missing Gross Length
    • Missing Gross Butt Diameter (unless stump)
    • Missing Gross Top Diameter
  • Rot volume is more than half of the gross volume
  • Utilization Level (by species)
    • Min Log Length
    • Min Top Diameter
  • Top diameter must be smaller or equal butt diameter
  • Length of waste must be smaller than 3 meters
  • Two plots required per stratum
  • Sum Stratum Area = Block Area
  • Each cutblock must have at least one timbermark

Purchasing and More Information

Thankyou for your interest. For more information or a demonstration, please call Richard Kyle at (604) 984-0832, or contact us to see how we can help meet your needs.

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