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VLP Advantages

Ease of Use

  • Developed for forestry technicians, planners and GIS personnel
  • PC Windows based, very user friendly
  • Load forest cover from forest company or MOF inventory maps
  • Utilizes ArcInfo/ArcView files
  • Large simultaneous planning areas (50++ mapsheets)
  • Render from any number of viewpoints or panorama width

Planning features

  • Photo-realism and technically accurate
  • Full forest cover used, individual forest polygons
  • Edit individual forest polygons for density, height, species
  • Harvest retention levels 0-100%
  • Project summer or winter conditions
  • Identification of visible and hidden cutblocks
  • Low detail (fast) and high detail renderings
  • Drape visual landscape boundaries and resource constraints over forest
  • Visibility mapping features (separate module)
  • Project growth of forest over time (separate module)
  • Perspective to plan (P2P) design modules available (separate module)


  • Integrated single stand alone software
  • GIS viewing features
  • Digitizer module and on-screen digitizing (under development)
  • Minimum system requirements: P3 600, 128 MB RAM, graphics card
  • Import data from MOF, ArcInfo, DXF
  • Map conversions and NAD shift module (under development)
  • Library of 32 BC tree species, and ground material types
  • Can be customized to suit.


  • Photo-realistic and technically accurate renderings in minutes
  • Rendered maps
  • Visibility maps (under development)
  • VIA impact analysis calculations (under development)


  • Developed and supported by Enfor Consultants Ltd., North Vancouver, BC
  • Training by Enfor; user support contracts available.
  • Development and adaptation to suit client needs or future requirements