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Visual Landscape Planner


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Visual Landscape Planner is forest visualization software developed by forestry and software professionals for the forest sector. Visual Landscape Planner (VLP) allows the forest practitioner to design, assess, and portray development on forested landscapes.

Ease of use, photo-realism of forest conditions, and technically correct results are important features of VLP software. Operational approvals speak for themselves.

VLP is used for operational forest planning and strategic forest planning in visually sensitive landscapes in British Columbia and Alberta. Operational applications include cutblock design and visual impact assessments for cutting permit applications. Strategic applications include assessing implications of various visual landscape management options in setting strategic direction, such as on the Central Coast and North Coast Land and Resource Management Planning projects. It has been used to determine impacts of visual management in timber supply planning, such as on the Innovative Forest Practices Agreement in Fraser Canyon corridor. VLP has been continually developed to meet the exacting needs and take advantage of technology advances since the original application was developed in 1994.

VLP is easily adapted to use data for all Canadian Provinces and the United States.

Enfor Consultants Ltd., a BC forest consulting company and software developer, develops VLP software. It was designed to meet the unique demands of the forest sector.

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