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Enfor Appraisals


Welcome to Enfor Appraisals, timber stumpage appraisal software. Developed for the forest industry by Enfor Consultants Ltd.

Stumpage is the single highest operating cost for most forest companies. And how you prepare stumpage appraisals is your opportunity to reduce costs. Done well, you can save your company money and gain a competitive advantage. Done poorly, you can cost your company dearly. Are you capturing all your costs? All your allowances? Are you comfortable with the choices you make, or are there better options you could be overlooking?

With that in mind, Enfor Appraisals was designed to meet the stumpage appraisal needs of the BC forest industry. This user friendly application was designed by appraisal experts for interior and coastal practitioners. Take advantage of years of experience in stumpage appraisals work. Find out why clients say that it reduces costs, reduces stumpage risk and improves staff efficiency.

Enfor Appraisals Software Benefits

Enfor Appraisals is the complete stumpage analysis business solution. Your stumpage due diligence. Complex analysis is made easy. Take advantage of error trapping and analysis features that help you save money. Electronic submissions to government are simplified. Save stumpage dollars and reduce stumpage risk by assessing all your options, quickly and efficiently.

With over 15 years experience delivering this high quality software and service, Enfor would be pleased to be part of your stumpage solution. Find out why Enfor Appraisals software is used for stumpage appraisals on 20,000,000 m3/yr in Interior and Coastal BC.

Software Features

Key Features of Enfor Appraisals Software:

  • Market Pricing System (Interior and/or Coast BC)
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Data importing features, including shp files
  • Cutblock blending
  • Appraisal Allowances checks
  • Historic log grades and Grade Source Intelligence (Coast)
  • Location Module
  • Roads Importer/Section Organiser
  • ECAS upload
  • Error checking
  • Software Auto updating
  • Advanced Manager modules for bulk forecasting, graphing, HBS reporting
  • Helpful user support

Purchasing and More Information

For more information or a demonstration, please feel free to call Mike Greig, RPF, P.Eng or Richard Kyle at (604) 984-0832, or contact us to see how we can help meet your needs. We'll set you up.

Thankyou for your interest in Enfor Appraisals.

Stumpage Appraisal Services

Whether you just need a bit of assistance with your projects or if you're not sure if the software is for you, we would be pleased to complete your stumpage appraisals work for you.

Enfor Consultants' foresters and technicians are stumpage appraisal experts. Clients include forest companies, consultants, log brokers, First Nations and government.

Click the following link if you are interested in stumpage appraisal services available from Enfor.