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Visual Impact Assessments

Managing Scenic Values

Scenic values are an important aspect of the forests in BC. How an area will look after development is often times as equal or more important than other values for an area, given the extensive use of the forest today.

A visual impact assessment is used to plan or determine how an area will look after development. Almost any development can be designed so that it fits the landscape, or meets acceptable limits. Visual impact assessments are used:

  • by planners when determining the appropriate size and scale of alteration for an area, or
  • by developers to promote a development by portraying the view from a particular area.

Visual impact assessments use any or all of the following to plan or test the proposed development:

  • photo-realistic digital terrain modeling
  • evaluation and design techniques
  • numerical analysis.
  • fly throughs
  • a sequence of development over time or greening up over time.

The quality of assessment work will determine the outcome of approvals, and final impacts.

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