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BCIT Management Plan

Woodlot WO007 Management Plan #4 - Chilliwack Forest District

Welcome to woodlot WO007 Management Plan 4. WO007 is managed by the BCIT Forest Society. WO007 is a 275 ha forest located on Blue Mountain in the Municipality of Maple Ridge, Chilliwack Forest District, British Columbia, Canada.

This Management Plan (MP) was prepared for in accordance with the woodlot licence and requirements provided by the Ministry of Forests.

Click on any of the items on this page for more information. If you have any questions or comments on MP4, please feel free to contact us as noted below.

MP4 Text (PDF)Management Plan

MP4 Map (PDF)Management Plan

Report (PDF)Timber Supply

Biodiversity (PDF)Biodiversity

Riparian (PDF)Riparian

Timber Supply (PDF)Timber Supply

Photos from Woodlot W0007