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Stumpage Appraisals

High Value Log Boom

Stumpage is the single highest operating cost for most forest companies. Stumpage risk occurs when a company is not on top of their stumpage pricing.

Stumpage is a fee charged by government to a forest company for harvesting Crown timber. Stumpage rates for British Columbia can be predicted using the Ministry of Forests Appraisal Manuals, for the coast and interior of BC.

Enfor Consultants are stumpage appraisal experts. We're available to lower your risk and assist with your stumpage needs. Our clients include forest companies, consultants, log brokers and government.

Alternately, purchase a powerful Enfor Appraisals software services package and see how quickly you can begin to control your costs and save.

Stumpage Appraisal Services

Stumpage Business Management

  • Stumpage risk assessment and due dilligence reviews
  • Stumpage appeals
  • Keep abreast of policy changes and how they will affect you

Stumpage Prediction

  • Estimate the stumpage you can expect to pay
  • Assess every possible combination of costs and values
  • Error trapping and comparisons to government calculations
  • Quarterly stumpage updates

Timber Appraisals

  • Estimate the value of your timber and operating costs
  • Engineering estimates and road amortization
  • Training

Log prices

  • Average market prices
  • Projected log prices
  • Match Ministry of Forests' log grades used in stumpage estimation

We're committed to help you cut costs and deliver you successful stumpage analyses. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help meet your needs.