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Toba Inlet

Sustainable forest management planning and analysis is integral to our industry. Our forestry experts are available to help with your forest management plans, timber pricing and stumpage analysis, forest engineering, timber supply analysis and allowable cut planning, evaluate forest economic opportunities, visual impact analysis and forest analysis projects.

Enfor is a leading developer in forestry software applications. Choose from our commercial applications, or we can help develop your application. Examples include Enfor Appraisals stumpage analysis, growth and yield, timber supply analysis, carbon modeling, forest economics, 3D visual analysis. We even develop Forest Surveying modules for handhelds and e-commerce applications, such as Enfor's Waste and Residue surveying applications.

Some specific services Enfor offers include:

Sustainable Forest Resource Planning

  • Sustainable Forest Management Plans
  • Stumpage analysis and timber appraisals
  • Timber supply analysis and impact assessments
  • Forest economic opportunity evaluations
  • Preparation of permits and applications; agency approvals
  • Forestry research
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Forest engineering
  • Public and First Nation consultations
  • Government and agency approval processes
  • Forest Carbon Accounting
  • Bioenergy planning

Forest Economics

  • Timber valuation and engineering appraisals
  • Economic analysis
  • Silviculture investments
  • Feasibility studies

Environmental Engineering and Forest Management Audits

  • Environmental management systems.
  • Forest practice audits and assessments.


  • Training preparation and delivery

Forestry Software Development and Leasing

  • Timber appraisal software
    • Enfor Appraisals - BC Coast and BC Interior
    • Private Woodland Planner

  • Forest residue surveying software
    • Enfor Waste and Residue

  • Forest visualization software
    • Visual Landscape Planner

  • Timber supply analysis
    • Woodlot for Windows
    • Landscape Unit Planner

    • NAD 27-83 shifter
    • ArcView project backup

  • Custom forestry programming

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help meet your needs. We're committed to deliver you a successful project.

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