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Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Sustainable development done right

In a nutshell, your EMS provides for the following to control activities to meet the organization's environmental policy, including legislative and other requirements:

  • Formulating environmental policy
  • Planning requirements
  • Implementation and Operations
  • Checking and Corrective Action
  • Management Review

The most important external benefits of an EMS are:

  • Meeting customer environmental expectations
  • Enhanced image and market share
  • Meet vendor certification criteria
  • Improve cost control
  • Provide internal assurance of meeting regulatory requirements
  • Due diligence

The most important internal benefits of an EMS are:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced inter-company relationships
  • Reduced scrap/rework
  • Greater quality awareness
  • Continual improvement
  • Documented procedures

In many cases, an EMS need not be to ISO standards to meet the needs of the organization. However, the ISO 14000 series of international environmental management system standards provide organizations with guidance on how to manage the environments aspects of their activities, products, and services more effectively.

The standards provide a framework for you to set specific environmental performance policies, objectives, and targets. By using these standards, an organization may plan, monitor and continually improve its competitive position and environmental performance. The ISO 14001 standard maps out the core requirements for an Environmental Operation, Checking and Corrective Action, and Management Review.

Advantages of Enfor:

  • Providing environmental management audit services since 1994
  • Over 29 years forestry and engineering experience
  • Professional Foresters and Engineers
  • Certified ISO 14001 auditors

We're committed to deliver you a successful EMS project. Please feel free to call Mike Greig, RPF, P.Eng at (604) 984-0832 or contact us to see how we might help meet your needs.